Food for the week 10/21/17

Indian soup

lentil burgers and sweet potato fries


Curry butternut squash soup and apple gouda salad


black bean soup and plantain sandwiches


Food for the week 03/19/17

Sweet potato crust pizza, apple Gouda salad

Lentil bolognese, roasted veggies

Falafel chickpea sweet potatoes, white bean hummus

Kale soup and cauliflower thing

Food for the week 03/12/17

Roasted veggie stuffed shells, broccoli, and apple Gouda salad

Stuffed black bean sweet potatoes, plantains, cucumber avocado salad
Lentil burgers and sweet potato fries

Food for the week 01/15/17

Sweet potato white bean soup and Brussels sprout salad

Cauliflower and farro bake and red cabbage salad w sweet potatoes (vegetable cookbook pg 60)

Ravioli and lentil salad

Cauliflower curry

Veggie cookbook pg 70