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White Trash

Tidbits: This is a great little snack my aunt makes every Christmas. I altered the recipe a little bit, and this is the product! I recommend altering this to fit your tastes. You can add whatever you want to it: cashews, m&ms, popcorn. Honestly, whatever makes you happy. If you put it in little containers/jars wrapped with ribbon, it’s a delicious gift 🙂


12 oz. of white chocolate (You can buy a bag of white morsels, or get two bars of Baker’s white chocolate)

2  Tbsp. of peanut butter

2-3 cups of Rice chex

1.5 cups of honey roasted peanuts

2 cups of small marshmallows

2 cups of pretzel pieces

1 cup of chocolate morsels (I use white chocolate, but get creative! You can use butterscotch morsels, milk chocolate, peanut butter morsels)


1. In a double boiler or microwave, melt the 12 oz. of white chocolate with the peanut butter.

2. Mix the rest of the ingredients in a big bowl

3. Pour the melted white chocolate/peanut butter mixture into the bowl with the other ingredients

4. Stir until every piece is fully coated

5. Spread onto a cookie sheet lined with wax paper

6. Wait for it to dry (this is the hard part)

7. Break it up into pieces, and serve!